Science Camp


For Villa Basta we organized a three-day Science Camp in which participants were invited to experiment with the elements. Day 1 we focussed on Warmth. By building a fire we tried making active charcoal which can be used to purify rainwater. Marshmallows happend to be around so why not heat them up as well? 

Day 2 was all about Water. Each participant made a concept sketch for a raft which was constructed later that day and tested on the waters of the Quartier Canal. We finished the day with the construction of one big raft with barrels we received from our neighbours at Bouts NV. 

Day 3 we were blown away by the Wind and wanted to harvest its power. Therefore we designed various kinds of windmills on paper. The participants were then asked to take apart broken machines to search for elements which could be used for the construction of their windmill. To close our camp we tested each windmill with an actual wind turbine. The windmills could be attached on a battery which powered a series of lights to see if electricy was generated.


Stef Lemmens


Villa Basta


Wooden Beams - De Serre Hasselt

Stones - Hasselt Beguinage



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